Tips for Improving Relationships — What Causes Chaos and Confusion in Relationships — How to Do the Right Thing in Relationships (Study of James 3)

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares tips for improving relationships based on James 3:13-18 including looking at whether our own lack of godly wisdom, arrogance, bitter envy, or selfish ambition is contributing to a chaotic or confusing relationship. Also covered are 8 characteristics to cultivate to improve relationships, including having pure motives, being peace-loving instead of a pot-stirrer, being considerate by not overreacting when someone messes up, being willing to yield in matters of opinion, being full of mercy and forgiveness, doing practical actions to help others, practicing impartiality, and being sincere and honest about our own mistakes. 

“Knowledge can build a house, but it takes wisdom to build a home.”

“Without humility, we will believe we are human lie detectors. Only God can know another’s person’s heart.”

“Angrily giving someone ‘a piece of your mind’ doesn’t promote peace. Plus you’ll wish you had held on to all those pieces of your mind when you get older and can’t remember why you walked into a room.” 


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