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No More Christian Nice Girl

When Just Being Nice Instead of Good Hurts You, Your Family, and Your Friends

by Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler, PhD


I am reading “No More Christian Nice Girl” and really having my eyes opened! I should have had this book when I was a pastor’s wife and maybe I would have given myself permission to step back and think what Jesus would HAVE done and WOULDN’T have thought I had to do it all! I recommend this book very highly!

Thank You so Much for Your Book and Ministry. As I write this message I am shaking all over having just said “no” to a sister in Christ with an infinitely stronger personality who was pushing me hard to do something that was good, but not for me. As difficult as it was, today is a new day and the dawning of a new era in my life. I’m 35 years old and I’m finally ready to grow up and stand on these two little feet God gave me! I have invited five women to read and discuss “No More Christian Nice Girl” with me.

Wow! I just finished “No More Christian Nice Girl.” What a Great Resource for Every Woman. Thank you for writing this book and the encouragement in it. I loved every page and I plan on re-reading it now and doing all the extended study questions.

“No More Christian Nice Girl” is an Awesome Book. I love how it touches on various areas where women can be too nice. For me as a single woman that would include friends, family, dating, and work, although I did read and gain much insight from the entire book. I don’t even recommend books, but from the first chapter, I’ve been recommending this book to my female friends nonstop. I really appreciate the way you and Paul Coughlin put the book together, especially the humor. It really helps for me to have a sense a humor as I grow.

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“By the Book” interview (Watchman Broadcasting), April 6, 2011
“Jennifer Degler – No More Christian Nice Girl”

In this three part series, “By the Book” host Dorothy Spaulding interviews Dr. Jennifer Degler about her book No More Christian Nice Girl. They discuss many of the chapters, including what causes women to become people-pleasers, who the book’s audience is, and women of the Bible and history who were God’s Good Women instead of nice girls.

By the Book” interview (Watchman Broadcasting)
April 6, 2011 “Jennifer Degler – No More Christian Nice Girl—Part A

By the Book” interview (Watchman Broadcasting)
April 6, 2011 “Jennifer Degler – No More Christian Nice Girl—Part B

By the Book” interview (Watchman Broadcasting)
April 6, 2011 “Jennifer Degler – No More Christian Nice Girl—Part C

“LIFE Today TV” interview, May 19, 2011 – Jennifer Degler, Ph.D., No More Christian Nice Girl

Randy Robison of Life Today TV interviews Dr. Jennifer Degler about her book No More Christian Nice Girl. She urges Christian women to be courageous in their convictions and not simply “put on a happy face” as a people-pleaser.

CBN (Christian Broadcast Network) Web Interview, September 13, 2010
“No More Christian Nice Girl”

Dr. Jennifer discusses her book No More Christian Nice Girl and how Christian women who are confident and courageous are more Christ-like than the “nice girls.” She also discusses when biblical submission in marriage can cross the line into being a doormat.

Link to the web article HERE.

Guest Blogger

Hearts at Home: Jill Savage blog, October, 26, 2010
“Living with Less: Less Activities Outside the Home Can Mean More Activity in the Bedroom”

Dr. Jennifer guest blogs for Jill Savage’s Hearts at Home blog on saving energy for sex by lightening your schedule and limiting your kids’ extra-curricular activities to a reasonable amount.

Link to the blog post HERE.

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Woman’s web article, March, 3, 2014
“How to Say No to Anything”

Sometimes a tiny little word—N-O—is the most difficult one to say. This helpful article provides10 no-worthy scenarios and tips from experts, including Dr. Jennifer Degler, on how to finally put your foot down.

Link to the blog post HERE. article, 2012
“When men say: ‘She’s too nice to date!’”

What does a man really mean when he says ‘you’re too nice’? This frank article provides 7 possible explanations from relationship experts, including Dr. Jennifer Degler.

Link to the blog post HERE.

LIFE Today – Words of LIFE article on June 5, 2011
“What’s Wrong with Nice Girls”

Dr. Jennifer Degler discusses her book No More Christian Nice Girl with James Robison. Topics covered include how to speak the truth in love and breaking free of people-pleasing.

Link to the blog post HERE.

Focus on the Family Canada article, September 2012
“Under the Covers: Talking About Lost Sexual Interest in Your Marriage”

Communication breakdowns can create a loss in sexual interest between spouses, and there may be reasons to be concerned when your relationship has ceased to be physically intimate. This helpful article suggests ways to talk about lack of sexual interest in your marriage, with tips from psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler.

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