About Jennifer Degler Ministries

Mission Statement and Values

JDM mission statementto provide professional, practical, biblically-sound advice and fun products for improving emotional health, relationships, and sex.

JDM values:  Practicality, Growth, Authenticity, Family First, Fun

Practicality: we provide effective emotional health, relationship, and sex advice and products because our ministry audience deserves what works.

We choose advice and products which:

  • Are real solutions to real problems.
  • Create “aha!” moments of clarity.
  • Give easily-understood explanations.
  • Help people wisely apply what they are learning.
  • Encourage and challenge people to grow.
  • Align with biblical principles.
  • Are up-to-date, professional, and supported by research.
  • Come from high-quality people and organizations who align with our values.

If our advice and products become ineffective, vague, fluffy, out-of-date, or unbiblical, we will take a break so we can revitalize what we offer.

Growth: we encourage our audience, staff, and ministry to develop and expand because healthy things grow.

We choose to:

  • Stretch ourselves by trying something new.
  • See making mistakes as a normal part of learning.
  • Provide our staff with opportunities to:
    1. Enlarge their skill set.
    2. Express their opinions.
    3. Share their creative ideas.
    4. Work with a caring, fun team.
  • Make wise financial decisions that support profitability, expansion, and giving back.
  • Affiliate with people & organizations who unselfishly promote the growth and development of people & organizations other than themselves.
  • Ask God to multiply our work product to build His kingdom and glory.

If we begin to stagnate or decline, we will take a break so we can clear away the dead wood and grow again.

Authenticity: we speak honestly to our audience and each other because truth powers effective ministry.

We choose to:

  • Admit we are gloriously imperfect people who daily make mistakes and depend completely on Jesus’ redeeming grace.
  • Be real instead of fake.
  • Value connection over perfection.
  • Not apologize for the way our homes look because real people live there.

If we begin to hide or spin the truth, we take a break so we can find True North again and live with integrity.

Family First: we put our families before ministry because they are our first and most important ministry.

We choose to:

  • Play, serve, worship, laugh, and eat dinner with our families.
  • Enjoy our spouses, both inside and outside the bedroom.

If we begin to neglect our family or spouse, we will take a break so we can reconnect with them.

Fun: we inject fun into ministry because if it’s not fun, why are we even doing this?

We choose to:

  • Look for ways to add laughter, originality, and enjoyment to ministry.
  • Try new things, embrace adventure, play games, tell jokes, and get up and dance.

If ministry begins to feel like drudgery, we will take a break so we can rest and find the fun again.

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