Tip Talk podcast: Ten Tips for Building Strong Family Bonds

If you’d like to connect more with family, in this Tip Talk episode psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares ten tips for building strong family bonds. Listen for fresh ideas on how to more deeply connect and enjoy both your immediate and extended family, as well as celebrate one another, show physical affection, and embrace new family members.

You can download a free PDF to print of the Top Ten Tips for Building Strong Family Bonds. 

“The family that plays together stays together. Shared laughter immediately eliminates distance between people, so take a shortcut to connection by having fun together.”

“Make the effort to show up. We all get exactly one opportunity to be there for someone’s once in a lifetime event.”

“Ban screens during meal times so everyone makes eye contact and feels heard and seen. We connect with what we look at, so look at your family, not a screen.”

Teach your children “In this family, we celebrate one another’s joys and mourn each other’s losses, and we never do the opposite.”

“Strong families are made up of imperfect people who will own their mess ups, apologize, ask for forgiveness while also forgiving themselves, and then work toward not repeating the same mistake. ”

“We weaken our family bonds when we withhold love until people measure up to exactly what we want them to be. Ask God to help you love everyone for who they are right now. ”

“An accelerated pace weakens family bonds and rushes us past those little moments where connections are made. People connect in the white spaces.”


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