Taming Your Tongue Part One — Tongue Management 101 (Study of James 3)

In part 1, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares three helpful tips for managing your tongue based on James 3:1-5, including: Using your tongue to benefit others, not glorify yourself; keeping your tongue in check instead of letting it run wild; and steering your tongue in a godly direction, not toward destruction. Other topics include how to identify gossip and how your speech can either inflame your heart or direct it toward good.

“An unchecked tongue is like running with scissors. Someone’s going to get hurt.”

“If you share the private affairs of others for any other reason than to help or protect someone, you’re gossiping–plain and simple.”

“The ability to control your mouth is a sure sign of spiritual maturity.”

“The inability to control your mouth is a sure sign of spiritual immaturity.”

“Before you say “Hi” and let your words flow, THINK: T hi N K : Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

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