Fun Stories of How Wives Did the February 2018 Dare of the Month: “Show and Tell Dare”

Wow, we are impressed with the adventurous wives who completed February’s “Show and Tell Dare” and emailed us their stories! We chose a random winner and mailed her a prize to help make her marriage sizzle (we should say “sizzle even more” because she definitely set her sex life on fire based on her story!). Her story is listed first. Sign up for the free CWIVES Dare of the Month newsletter today to receive a Dare each month to help you initiate a creative sexual encounter with your husband!

February’s Contest Winner (chosen randomly) is MH. Congratulations, MH!

From MH:   This is the first time I’ve reported back on a dare.  I feel a little odd about sharing, but we had a fun time.

Our 3 daughters were at a kid’s party for 4 hours this past Friday night, so we went out to dinner and decided to use our free time to have a little fun.

We decided to have sex in our basement gym since that’s one of the only rooms in our house we haven’t been in yet.  I ran upstairs and dressed in a sexy little red two piece number and threw on some high heeled boots and a thigh length coat. I turned on “Leave Your Hat On” and came down the stairs and started the strip show.  My husband loved it! We ended up having sex, of course! It was so much FUN! We laughed and talked about it afterwards and truly enjoyed the experience.

Thank you for the idea.  It was a success!! Can’t wait for March’s Dare!


From OB:  We had a fun time with the February Dare on Valentine’s evening (our 48th wedding anniversary). We were at this lovely cottage in the country so I brought a bag of supplies that he did not open! I did practice some and found that this 70 year old body needed to move a bit conservatively. But even though I felt a bit awkward, we enjoyed it! Thanks for your encouragement to all of us in blessing our husbands and marriages. 


From AR:  I was really looking forward to this Dare, as I love to dance, but what I wasn’t anticipating was how self-conscious I’d feel at 7.5 months pregnant. This belly doesn’t quite allow me to move the way I wish I could or feel sexy doing it, but my husband still seemed to very much appreciate the effort.

I’d say the best part of the Dare for me, really, was the Spotify playlist that you provided a link to called “Show and Tell Dare Playlist.” I’d never heard Beyonce’s Dance for You, and as soon as I did, I knew it was what I needed to get him looking forward to the evening’s activities, so I sent him the song at work, with strict instructions to listen via headphones, on Valentine’s Day. He said when the song started he thought it was just a sweet song to tell him I appreciate him, but when he got to the chorus, he got the message.  He was pretty excited to see what was in store! Thank you for the challenge to try new things!



From NM:  After receiving this month’s dare I have to admit I was super excited to do it. I have done two other monthly dares. I told my hubby I needed him to hang out in the living room while I got ready.  I lit some tea light candles in our room and got myself together.  When he walked in I asked him to sit in the chair. I explained he couldn’t touch, but I would touch him. He smiled and was really into it as much as I was and the light was dim so I felt comfortable and confident in what I was doing. The night was amazing and he said, “Honey that was the best valentine’s gift you could have ever given me”.  My husband and I haven’t celebrated V-day since before we got married. We just chalked it up as a day for those who date. Ha!! Well Year eleven has made a new tradition for me and my valentine  
Thanks CWIVES!

From GG:  I realize I’m a day late- but I still had to share even if I don’t win!
I loved the idea and began to practice my sexy dance about the 2nd of Feb. I choose my song first, then outfit and then location. I listened to the song 5-6 times a day in the car and such and practiced the dance every day for 2-3 times with the music. I even put a mirror in the chair to help me keep certain things in perspective.
I asked my husband who is usually right on time or 5 min late to be home a 4 pm. We had looked at the recipes of what we were going to cook for Valentines day the day before. This is something we love to do.  I was getting myself dressed and had opened a bottle of champagne when he texted he was around the corner. He was 25 minutes early!!! I told him to please stop and wash his car before he came home.
When he arrived home I was inside the door in my outfit; a crisp white dress shirt buttoned up except the top two, black tie knotted but loose, thigh-high sheer black hose, black high heels and diamond earrings and necklace, holding my glass of champagne.  This was the most excited I have seen my husband in the past 31 years!  He loved the outfit! He laughed and turned me around and then sat down.  He said his shirt has never looked so great and this is the sexiest outfit I had ever worn! Then he wanted to get handsy and I said “NO, NO” with a smile and said “all good things come to those who wait”.  I told him to shower and put on something he knew I would love.

I set up the chair in our bedroom, several candles lit, and had the play list set to the song I was going to dance to.  When he came out of the bathroom, I had him sit down and gave him his Valentine’s card and a bag of his favorite cookies, then poured him a glass of champagne and started my song as I walked over to hand it to him.  It was Rod Stewart “Have I told you lately the I love you?”  He was overwhelmed with joy and laughter as I  began to sing. This time I wasn’t singing into a mirror, I was looking into the eyes of my husband. The words were perfect for us, but the vulnerability was so real that tears swelled up in his eyes and soon rolled down his cheeks. He was touched deep in places I had never seen before. My sexy dance that I had practiced special moves for, was turned into tender and gentle moves as my eyes filled with tears also and we shared a moment that was ordained by the Holy Spirit; a moment that we will treasure for a life time.  

When the song came to the end he shared beautiful words of appreciation.  I laughed and told him I had a sexy dance planned and been practicing for a couple of weeks but it all went away when the tears came to his eyes. He laughed and said “hey the tears are dried up now bring it on baby!”  

Thank you for the awesome Idea. He said this is the best Valentine and that he will remember this for years!



From HK:  I gave birth to our second child in the beginning of January, which meant a few days after Valentine’s Day was the first time we could have sex. It had been a long (almost) 2 months! I have been feeling very self-conscious about my post baby body and decided this would be a fun dare to help me feel sexy. I had an “adult beverage”, put on a sexy nighty and my husbands shirt. Got the music going and let my husband back upstairs. I sat him in the seat and handcuffed his hands behind the chair. It was a little awkward at first but it was a lot of fun and we had some laughs. 

Unfortunately the newborn woke and demanded my attention for the next several hours so we had to post-pone sex to the next day. But we watched our favorite show and enjoyed some fondue while I nursed and rocked the baby. It did not go as I had planned but was still a fun night.


From HW:  After work on Valentine’s Day, we grabbed a quick dinner and headed home. We went up to our room and I told my husband to take a shower while I lit some candles. I didn’t want him getting TOO excited seeing the candles and thinking “oh this is it”, while he waited for me to freshen up and change, I told him, “ok… tonight I lit some candles because I have a surprise… don’t be nervous… but,…. I got some new candles especially for waxing a man (down there)! Are you excited?!” 

You should have seen his face!! Haha! It was priceless. I waited a minute and told him I was just kidding and to please grab me a chair from the dining room table while I showered and changed into my lingerie. I played the Spotify playlist and moved my hips and totally felt uncomfortable but he LOVED it!!! He didn’t like the no touching part but it was perfect, we had fun and laughed and it helped us connect,  so thank you for the idea!!! 
God bless!!


From PM:  This February dare is the first dare I have done! It was fun. I should have turned the baby monitor off first though. It was a little distracting . Ha ha.


From LL:  I have to say I was a little apprehensive when I saw this month’s dare. All I can say is it was worth the effort. I would definitely recommend preparing & practicing before. However, even though I had good intentions to pick my song & prepare beforehand, I didn’t. I think it would have been less intimidating if I had. Nonetheless, my husband absolutely loved it, and I didn’t even totally complete the dare. 

As Jennifer stated, do not let your inner self-conscious thoughts about certain parts of your body or about actually just dancing sexy/stripping for your husband interfere. What I was wearing, the song, certain parts of my body that I don’t feel are as attractive, none of that mattered to him! He was thrilled! 

Thanks, Jennifer. for giving us courage to try new things to spice up our marriages! LOVE IT!


From LB:  Great idea for the Feb. Dare. In the morning I told my husband he was going to get to go on a treasure hunt that night. Then I surprised him with a treasure hunt of heart stickers (following the valentines theme.) He was very surprised and excited to hunt for the heart stickers.  I think he was curious and spent the day anticipating the treasure hunt.


From JF:  This was my first time doing the dare of the month, and honestly when I read it I laughed and said, “No way!” Well, after a week or two of talking myself into it, I decided I needed to do this for my husband. It was awkward at first because I was so nervous about what he would think, but ended very well. He was very surprised and it was a perfect Valentines gift!  I decided I am definitely going to continue to do the Dare of the Month!


From CS:  I giggled so hard when I read this dare, but I decided to give it a shot. Naturally I was pretty nervous about even THINKING of doing this, so I needed to talk about it. There was no way I was going to tell anyone else, so I told my husband that I was practicing for his Valentine’s present. I mentioned this a couple of times over a week and he always perked up a bit and gave me a big smile. The night of, we had the kids all in bed and he kept asking when he’d get his present. I told him to give me some time because I needed to change so he slumped off to his office to wait “patiently”. As I changed into my ensemble and grabbed my music (“Marvin Gay” by Charlie Puth) I walked in with my chair and asked if he was ready. Sitting very willingly in the middle of the room, we both giggled for the first minute as I danced. Then he started zoning in and snatched me as soon as the song was over. We had some serious “fun” afterwards and now I am set for what to get him for any holiday. He loved it, thank you for the idea and encouragement!


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