Emotional Manipulation Part 4 — More Tips for Identifying Manipulators Before They Take Advantage of You –Judges 9 — Abimelech

Can you recognize when you’re being controlled and exploited so someone else can get what they want? In this Tip Talk podcast episode, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares 5 more tips for identifying manipulators based on a fascinating and gruesome story from Judges 9. Manipulators:

–Serve only themselves
–Offer false security
–Destroy what displeases them
–Repeat patterns of using and deceiving.
–Don’t listen to God.

You can download a free PDF of the Top Ten Tips for Handling Emotional Manipulation. 

“Often people who most desire power are the least deserving of it. Power is best wielded by those who live lives of genuine service.” 

“Manipulators will promise you what you want most knowing full well they are not going to deliver it.” 

“Manipulators repeat the same patterns of using and deceiving people. If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you. Today you may be the favored one, but someday you’ll be their victim.” 


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