Win a Free (and Tasteful) Boudoir Photo Shoot in Lexington, KY with Lisa Hammond Photography

UPDATE:  You’ll never believe it but… The winner of the Free Boudoir Session with Lisa Hammond Photography lived too far away to Redeem her prize. (Though she considered a 12 hour round trip drive to use it, whew!)

So rather than pick another winner, we’re going to make EVERYONE a winner by offering $50 off to anyone who entered the contest and who’s interested in booking a session at the Boudoir Marathon next weekend, January the 25th. Contact Lisa if you’re interested in Redeeming this discounted price only available to the contest participants!

NOTE: We randomly picked a winner! She has been emailed about her wonderful prize. If you entered the drawing, you will receive an email (probably by Sunday, January 19th) with details on how you can still sign up for the January 25th photo shoot.

If you live within driving distance of Lexington, Kentucky, you could win a free boudoir photo shoot on Saturday, January 25, 2014, courtesy of Lisa Hammond Photography. Lisa is a talented, fun, Christian photographer with a passion to help married or soon-to-be-married women feel good about their bodies. She wrote today’s guest blog, and you can register to win the photo shoot by leaving a comment below after her blog. Duplicate comments will be deleted, so please just leave one comment. On January 15th, CWIVES will randomly choose one lucky winner from the comments section and will contact her privately (don’t worry, we won’t let the world know you are having boudoir photos made for your husband). You can check out Lisa’s website here or view the Facebook event here.

Here’s Lisa’s blog on her philosophy of boudoir photography:

You may be surprised–even shocked–to find out your church friend photographer shoots boudoir. I can tell you that my philosophy of boudoir photography does not contradict this part of who I am, but actually accentuates the very relationship that the God uses as a metaphor for his love and commitment to us!

Sex. I said it. And for many church-going men and women, ‘wait till you’re married’ is about where the conversation ends. I believe that satisfying sex is central to a marriage, and it takes work and commitment. And, sex can sometimes be a struggle.

For most women, it can be difficult for us to believe we are beautiful and desirable. This can really hinder our relationship with our husband because we look to him to affirm our beauty and desirability. I believe that all women are beautiful and God created each woman beautifully and wonderfully.  We weren’t all built for the runway, but we are built in His image.

Boudoir photography is not just a gift for your husband (it’s that too, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it). It’s a time for you to learn to feel comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in. I’m sure he’ll also appreciate the sexy confidence you’ll achieve from your shoot! This kind of confidence can help a woman to initiate and value sex in her marriage.

The beauty of boudoir is not in how much skin is shown but in the way a woman carries herself. Boudoir is not a nude photograph; instead, it suggests sexuality in a very tasteful way. Using lingerie, one of his old t-shirts, a robe, heels, your favorite dress, or stockings, you can vamp up your shoot and make a memory you’ll both never forget! Boudoir can be the perfect gift for a wedding day (don’t forget your veil and garter!), for a deployment or long business trip, Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary, or a Birthday.

Soare you thinking you might be interested in a Boudoir? Here’s what you should expect:

First, a phone consultation with your photographer (that’s me–Lisa). I’ll talk with you about what to wear, where to buy it, and even any insecurities you may have about showing a little skin. During this phone call you can reserve your date and time, and then within 5 days you’ll put a $50 deposit down to reserve your spot.

When you arrive on January 25th, you will be greeted by our stylist Kayla from Tie the Knot Hair. You can show her your outfits and talk about your idea of how you’d like to look for the photos. She’ll style your hair and makeup accordingly and talk with you about her own Boudoir experience over light refreshments.

After you’re all ready to go, you’ll have a one hour photo shoot with Lisa. This will be plenty of time to capture 2-3 outfit changes (you’ll change in a private dressing room so bring a robe for to stay warm in between outfit changes). I also encourage you to bring a friend. She can cheer you on and help you to feel more relaxed.

Within 2-3 weeks you’ll receive your choice of a Little Black Book (a 5×7 album with 20 pages of your photos) or a flash drive with rights to print up to 20 images. These little treasures can be tucked into his suitcase before a long trip away or wrapped up with a bow and given as the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. Either way you now have tasteful, lovely images to remind yourself that you are beautiful and also to reinforce to love and sex in your marriage.

This package would ordinarily be be a total of $850 to include hotel fees, hair and makeup, refreshments, your photo shoot,  and the little black book. However, I’ll be offering a Boudoir Marathon January 25 which will be an equivalent shoot for only $350!

Because the Marathon Event spreads the cost of the Boudoir shoot among all the participants, I’m able to offer the sessions at $350 on January 25, 2014 only. There are 5 time slots available so call (616) 350-7972 to book your slot. A $50 deposit will be due at the time of booking to reserve your time.


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  1. Tiffany B.
    January 3, 2014

    i want to win. my birthday is jan 28.

  2. Theresa
    January 3, 2014

    Wow , I think this is great ! We as women need positive reenforcement in this area ! I’m sure husbands would really appreciate it !

  3. January 3, 2014

    How wonderful! I blog about foundational clothing and I believe that properly fitting lingerie can help a woman feel confident and sexy for herself and her husband. It’s hard to explain to Christian friends that I blog about lingerie but I truly believe that properly fitting foundations shouldn’t be a taboo subject among Christian women.

    Im so excited to hear about your boudoir giveaway. It’s a great way for women to get comfortable in their own skin. And that’s something I can really get behind!

  4. Ashley Duerson
    January 4, 2014

    I think this is an amazing idea. I personally can say that it is not something I would normally consider but after reading this post I think it is something my husband would enjoy. Most women after giving birth and getting comfortable with everyday life forget how it feels to be sexy, so thank you for allowing them another chance.

  5. Mary J
    January 4, 2014

    I would love to win this! My husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year and this would be a great gift for him and a good way to help boost my confidence that I’ve lost since our son was born.

  6. Melissa White
    January 4, 2014

    I would love to win this! What an opportunity to have photos taken since I have recently lost 55lbs!

  7. Amy C
    January 4, 2014

    My husband & I just celebrated a year of marriage. It’s been one of the hardest years of my life for a lot of personal reasons. God has been molding us over the last year, including molding my shape! The trials of this year have changed my body dramatically. Being a person who always struggled with self-confidence, this year has not helped. But thank God for a man who thinks I’m beautiful no matter what! Winning this shoot would give me the opportunity to love myself & how I look and to show it off to my husband. He would love it & I would love it for him.

  8. Betsy Waters
    January 4, 2014

    I’ve thought about doing this for a while! It would be a great surprise for my husband and a great way to feel sexy even as I approach 40!

  9. Amanda R
    January 4, 2014

    Wow! I love what You had to say about boy door photography. I have always felt a little weird about the subject, but I think this would be a great gift and would totally help with my confidence. Thanks for helping women to know the importance of confidence in their married sexual life.

    1. Amanda R
      January 4, 2014

      Boudoir photography! Sorry. Hah ha.

  10. January 4, 2014

    Wonderfully written blog!! I provide marriage/relationship education to couples and body image is such an important component between the couple’s intimacy issues!!! After 30+ years of marriage with my high school sweetheart, I know I’m blessed to be with a wonderful man who has validated and complimented me through my many ‘bodies’ of three children and growing older 😉 I would so welcome an opportunity to show him that I still ‘have IT’!! Folks often comment on us and ask how we keep the spark alive…Grow old along with me…the best is yet to be!!!

  11. Tracy
    January 4, 2014

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and I want 2014 to be a fresh start for both of us intimately. I feel that an opportunity like this could quite possibly give me the courage to make that happen.

  12. Lynette M
    January 4, 2014

    What an awesome opportunity and something that my husband would love. So nice to know there are Christian women out there that offer this service.

  13. Sheri
    January 5, 2014

    I know my husband would love this – he always wants to take pictures of me in lingerie and then we delete them. Never considered keeping any of them!

  14. Kathi S
    January 5, 2014

    Would love to do this for my husband. He was so awesome during my treatment for breast cancer and reconstruction and I could use a confidence booster.

  15. Vicki Pendleton
    January 5, 2014

    I would love to win this. I have lost 59 pounds and have thought about doing this kind if photo shoot for my husband for his 40th birthday in March! Please pick me!

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