Tips for Being an Extraordinary Christian in Ordinary Life (Study of James 1 and 2)

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler shares how we can be extraordinary followers of Christ in ordinary life based on James 1 -2. Topics include what being a “doer of the Word” looks like and the specific good works, inside and out, that saving faith produces in believers, such as:
1) Welcoming trials and challenges
2) Admitting we don’t have all the answers and asking God for help
3) Accepting God’s provision gladly
4) Determinedly resisting temptation
5) Controlling our tempers and tongues
6) Obeying God when He convicts us of sin
7) Responding to the needy
8) Treating the rich and the poor with equal consideration and courtesy.

“Are your actions speaking so loudly that no one can hear what you’re saying?”

“Good works don’t justify us before God, but our good works justify our faith to the watching world.”

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