The Causes of Conflict and Its Consequences — How Selfish Desires and Pride Lead to Edging God Out of Our Lives and Increasing Quarreling (Study of James 4)

What’s behind conflicts and quarrels? In this Tip Talk episode, Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler explains how selfish desires and pride are behind every quarrel and the relational and spiritual consequences of unnecessary conflicts. Based on James 4.

“Every quarrel starts with pride (I AM RIGHT), selfish desires (MY WAY AND ONLY MY WAY), and leaving God out (I DON’T CARE WHAT GOD WANTS).”

“Are you in a quarrel?
Ask yourself: In this conflict,
1) About what do I think I am sooooo right?
2) What do I want that’s all about me and my opinions and preferences?
3) When did I stop caring and praying about what God wants? “

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