Let’s Put Dr. Jennifer’s Husband on the Hot Seat

Life is interesting when you are married to “the sex lady.” You never know what other people will come up and say to you or ask you. Here’s your chance to ask my wonderful husband, Jeff, a question. What would you like to know? He’ll be glad to give you his perspective on marriage, sex, men, life in general, what it’s like to be married to “the sex lady,” etc. You can either ask your question in the Reply section below or email your question to deglerj@insightbb.com. We’ll combine all the questions and answers into one blog post. So, please join the fun and send in your questions!

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  1. Phil4maiil@icloud.com
    December 10, 2012

    What I do when I do not find my wife sexually exciting and or relationship. Is not always the best I do not ger respect from her .. We did make time for romance but its hard to get done. My wife is a also overweight
    And that also hinder our love making. Any advice… I a visual guy that is what turns me on…
    Wanting more romance and great sex…

    1. Erin
      January 5, 2013

      I’m interested in a reply to this post as well but I’m on the other side of his question. I’m the wife who is overweight and self conscious after having three babies in a row. I know my husband is very physically fit and values that and I can tell that I don’t turn him on anymore.

      My comment to the husband above is that your wife can certainly sense how you feel and it’s a terribly depressing and hopeless feeling for her. My husband started inviting me to go on walks with him at night and the more attention he pays to me, the more I care about improving my appearance for him. He does push-ups and sit-ups while watching TV in the evening and I join him. But if you’re sitting on the couch wishing she was skinny, I can tell you, she’ll go find comfort and companionship in some cookies! Don’t give up on her! PRAY for her, look for ways to value and love her and find ways to get active and healthy together.

      1. February 15, 2013

        Great advice!

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