Emotional Manipulation Part 1 – What is Emotional Manipulation – Tactics That Emotional Manipulators Use to Control You

Is someone pulling your strings and emotionally manipulating you to get what they want while disregarding the effect on you? In this episode of Tip Talk, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler explains what emotional manipulation is and provides a list of tactics emotional manipulators use, including guilt trips, negative comparison, criticism, mind games, gas-lighting, denying, false concern, playing the victim, pressuring you to make quick decisions, temper tantrums, false accusations, threats, making excuses and rationalizing, hostile humor, evasiveness, forgetting, playing dumb, being habitually late, charm, flattery, the silent treatment, and triangulation. 

“Emotional manipulation is when you unfairly or deceptively influence, control, exploit, abuse, or coerce another person or situation for your own personal gain while disregarding the needs of the person or situation you are manipulating.”

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