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It’s been an interesting five weeks since my last blog entry. For technical reasons unknown to me, I couldn’t log onto my own website via my laptop (my very old and out-of-date laptop….hmmm….perhaps this was the problem). However, I now have a new laptop and this has magically fixed whatever was wrong. So I’m back in the blogging saddle and ready to answer readers’ questions and share the latest information on healthy sexuality.

Here are some interesting statistics I ran across this week: According to George Barna of The Barna Research Group, when American adults (women and men) were asked to list very important elements in their ideal life, 80% listed “having one marriage partner for life” and 66% listed “having a satisfying sex life with their marriage partner” (2008). That sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, on a less positive note, Barna states that troubling sexual behaviors and attitudes that were uncommon a generation ago are now “becoming part of the accepted, mainstream experience of young people…We expect to see this mindset of sexual entitlement translate into increased appetites for pornography, unfiltered acceptance of sexual themes and content in media, and continued dissolution of marriages due to infidelity” (2006). Thus, Americans highly value marital stability and a satisfying married sex life, but are shaped by their culture to practice unhealthy sexual attitudes and behaviors that undermine the very things they value most. I believe this is a clarion call for churches to provide more education on what biblically-based, healthy sexuality looks like and how married couples can cultivate it. What do you think?

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  1. January 26, 2011

    Jennifer, for your Kentucky readers, this conference addresses the topics you raise in a way that men can hear:

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