8 Tips for Celebrating Your Man and Making Him Feel Loved and Appreciated

(Listen to Dr. Jennifer expand on these tips in episode 68 of Tip Talk at the bottom of this post.)

1) Enthusiastically initiate sex. Pursue your man in the bedroom, and he’ll slay dragons for you in the world.

2) Thank him for what he does even if you think it’s his “job.” Men are encouraged when women appreciate their work, like providing for the family or doing the dishes.

3) Let him be your hero. Men enjoy being asked to perform tasks that show strength, like opening jars or carrying heavy boxes, or tasks that display his particular skill set.

4) Speak highly of him to family and friends. Your admiring words of affirmation make him feel like he measures up.

5) Be his recreational companion. Men connect with others by doing activities together, so join him on an adventure, go to the ball game, learn to bait a hook, etc.

6) Show physical affection and smile at him. Hug him, scratch his back, pat his butt. Your feminine touch says “I see you, big guy, and you matter in this world.” Smile at him and make eye contact. Let your face brighten and reflect that you are pleased that he’s with you.

7) Ask for and value his advice. A man feels deeply respected and trusted when his wife consults with him before anyone else.

8) Support his need for man time/alone time. Guys really appreciate a wife who understands that they recharge by puttering in the garage or shooting hoops.

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