5 Reasons to Get Sexy: Guest Post by Poppy Smith

Today’s blog is a guest post by Poppy Smith, the author of the  newly released Why Can’t HE Be More Like ME?  Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why sex is essential for a healthy marriage? Or why God encourages husbands and wives to get naked, not be ashamed of their bodies, and to actually enjoy sexual intercourse?  Here’s some reasons:

  • Sex gives physical pleasure—and that’s okay with God.  It also produces babies –by God’s design.  Think about it: if the nerve endings involved in sex were anything like the nerve endings that the dentist hits, would there be many babies running around? Nope! God so approves of sexual pleasure He made even our nerve endings feel good.
  • Sex satisfies our sexual hunger.  Like a raging river that overflows its banks and causes untold damage, uncontrolled sexual cravings devastate our lives.  The marriage bed is God’s safe place to meet this human desire.
  • Sex meets our need for intimacy. We all want to be loved and accepted, to be known and desired. Intimacy involves the mingling of lives and thoughts and fears and joys. The more you share of yourselves, physically and emotionally, the closer you feel to one another.
  • Sex deepens our commitment to each other. By God’s design lovemaking releases chemicals that strengthen the bonds between committed couples.  This draws you closer emotionally, producing tender concern for one another.
  • Sex increases the joy in our marriage. Pleasure in bed is not limited to the physical. Have fun. Be silly.  Let out your inner child and laugh and love the person, not just their body.


Poppy Smith is a much travelled speaker and the award winning author of “Why Can’t HE Be More Like ME?”  Married many years to her complete opposite, Poppy’s book encourages women who want to run away but know that isn’t God’s answer. She offers hope and practical tools and tips  to help you better understand areas of conflict that arise from your different backgrounds, expectations, needs and reactions on topics from communication to finances to sex. To order her book, find out more, or contact Poppy, visit her website: www.poppysmith.com

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