Life Coaching

Now is the time to create a life you love, a life that honors who God created you to be.

I help women, men, parents, couples, and business owners create solid action plans for reaching their goals and unlimited God-given potential in their personal and professional lives.

Are you eager to overcome obstacles, once and for all, that hold you back?
Are you excited to create success, again and again, in your career, relationships, and spiritual life?
If your answer is “YES,” ask yourself these questions:
  • Would you like to deepen your ability to understand and appreciate who God created you to be?
  • Are you interested in quickly improving your ability to connect with and understand others?
  • Could you benefit from identifying your blind spots and avoiding their hazardous effects at home and work?
  • Is leaving a positive legacy important to you?
  • Would establishing and maintaining better boundaries bring you much-needed relief?
  • Could you use some help in managing major changes at home or work?
  • Is it time to finally conquer a fear?
  • Do you want to see your business take off?
  • Would you like to make your good marriage a great marriage?
  • Are you ready to take your dreams off the back burner and move them front and  center?
See what Life Coaching is All About!

1 Life Coaching Session


Includes one 45-minute phone coaching session, unlimited emails and faxes during month.

Must be prepaid by check or credit card. Can renew monthly at same price.

$25 Savings

Life Coaching Testimonials

Connect with Me!

Jennifer provides wise coaching in a professional, warm and caring style. She helped me find focus and perspective through a time of great turmoil in my life. Most importantly, she discussed issues with me in a spiritual context and helped me grow tremendously in my Christian walk. Jennifer helped me with issues of parenting, work and career, personal relationships and my spiritual life. I am so thankful to have worked with her.

I truly believe that Jennifer Degler was put in my life for an appointed time to “coach” me through a difficult time as well as to inspire me to be productive in using the gifts that God has given me to use to serve Him. Her e-mails and cards were the inspiration I needed to stay on track with my life goals, and as a result I got closets cleaned, let go of the pain of someone who hurt me, and finished the book that I had been working on for years. I am so thankful to God for having worked with Jennifer.

What is Life Coaching?

You may be puzzled by the idea of a life coach (sometimes called a “personal coach”). Most people are familiar with coaches for improving athletic or artistic performance. Athletes and artists have long recognized the value in working side by side with someone who would help them reach their goals effectively and efficiently.
A life coach functions in the same way. As your life coach:
  • I will help you explore and clarify your strengths, values, and dreams.
  • I will partner with you as you identify and implement action steps to reach your goals.
  • I will serve as both a source of encouragement and support.
  • I will be a source of challenges and accountability.
  • I will coach you to stay focused and true to your dreams as you discover, more quickly than you ever thought possible, the abundant life God has planned for you.
Get the Book!


Be the Strong, Confident, and Caring Woman You Were Meant to Be.



Approach to Coaching

The time is now to create a life you love, a life that supports who God uniquely created you to be. I would be honored to walk beside you during this transformational part of your journey. I will…
  • Protect your confidentiality
  • Ask you questions to help you clarify what you want and need to do next
  • Tell you the truth with no hidden agenda
  • Give you wise, practical advice if you ask for it
  • Provide a clear-headed perspective on emotionally-charged situations
  • Cheer you on
  • Teach you how to carve out time for yourself
  • Assist you in identifying and meeting realistic expectations
  • Support you as you teach others how to respect your time and dreams
  • Help you to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • Show you simple ways to stay closely connected with those you love
  • Challenge and equip you to face your fears
  • Hold you accountable and help you get back on track when necessary
  • Pray for you
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Free PDF download of 99 ways you can improve your life with the help of a Christian life coach. This list can help point you to areas in your own life that could be changed through working with a coach, leading to more meaning, satisfaction, and purpose in your life, and a better relationship with yourself. Also useful for identifying topics for discussion with your coach, mentor, counselor, or pastor. Get it here.

Life Coaching Sessions

If you would like to discuss the possibility of working together with me as your life coach, please shoot me an email or call (859) 685-7753. Or if you prefer you can contact me on the form at the bottom of the page.

The following packages are available for Individual and Couples Coaching.
You can request an appointment and pay for your coaching session online.

Package 1:

1 Coaching Session Per Month


Recommended for “maintenance coaching sessions” or “booster coaching sessions” for established clients.

Includes one 45-minute phone coaching session, unlimited emails, faxes and brief “spot calls.”

Must be prepaid by check or credit card.

$25 Savings
Package 2:

2 Coaching Sessions Per Month


Recommended for established clients or new clients with limited time/finances

Includes two 45-minute phone coaching sessions per month, unlimited emails, faxes and brief “spot calls.”

Must be prepaid by check or credit card.

$50 Savings
Package 3:

3 Coaching Sessions Per Month


This package is recommended for new clients.

Includes three 45-minute phone coaching sessions per month, unlimited emails, faxes and brief “spot calls.”

Must be prepaid by check or credit card.

$75 Savings
Package 4:

4 Coaching Sessions Per Month


For those ready to “jump start” their lives with weekly coaching

Includes four 45-minute phone coaching sessions per month, unlimited emails and brief “spot calls.”

Must be prepaid by check or credit card.

$600 Value

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