Creating a Life You Love

Creating a Life You Love is a fun, interactive, four-session workshop designed for women who want to quickly and significantly improve their lives.

Your church or organization can host a live workshop with Dr. Jennifer appearing in person, or you can use the CALYL workbook and DVDs/audio CD’s for individual or group study. Just click the button to purchase the DVDs and workbook.
Either way, with her trademark wit and warmth, psychologist and life coach Dr. Jennifer Degler will have you laughing as you:
  • Examine your life balance and satisfaction in 8 key areas.
  • Learn how to make life run more smoothly.
  • Explore why you may have trouble saying “no.”
  • Strengthen your ability to say “no” with grace and confidence.
  • Identify and eliminate your energy drainers that rob you of joy.
  • Finally kick the procrastination habit!
  • Find out why so many women are always in a hurry and how to slow down and get more done.
  • Explore how to fuel yourself in healthy ways—mind, body, and spirit.
  • Discover your unique core values so you can make better, worry-free decisions.

If your plate is too full, this workshop is for you!

You’ll leave energized and ready to take action!

Wish you could work with a life coach but can’t afford it?

Now is your chance! Nationally known psychologist and life coach Dr. Jennifer Degler’s highly acclaimed workshop, Creating a Life You Love, is based on the powerful life-coaching exercises she does with individual coaching clients. Completing her workshop is like working for 3 months with a life coach!

Could you be a charter member of Procrastinators Anonymous–assuming you ever got around to signing up?

Creating a Life You Love will show you why you procrastinate and how to kick this habit once and for all!

Is “no” a four-letter word for you?

Creating a Life You Love will show you how to say “no” with grace and confidence so you can say “yes” to the unique life plan God has for you.

Would you like to make better decisions and change your mind less often?

You’ll discover your unique core values and how to use them to make decisions you’ll never regret when you complete the Creating a Life You Love workshop.

Are you running on fumes? Tired of feeling tired?

The Creating a Life You Love workshop helps women identify energy drainers and how to eliminate them, as well as how to fuel yourself in positive ways—mind, body, and spirit. You’ll finish the workshop energized and ready to take action!